Specialised Solutions: Healthcare PVC Floor Treatment

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How can PVC Floor Treatment help?

Healthcare facilities take responsibility for our health and our well-being, from out-patient procedures to emergency responses. Many of them can see hundreds of patients on a daily basis and a multitude of issues and aliments and we need to have the confidence that they have the right skills and environment in which to treat us.

Whilst they will always maintain the highest standards of cleaning to make their environment as safe and sterile as possible, it is vital that these facilities are also smart about their procedures. By implementing approaches such as PVC floor treatment, hospitals and clinics can utilise technology that will protect against the spread of disease and reduce the amount of cleaning required, freeing up valuable staff time.

How it works?

Following a full assessment of your floor areas that require treatment, our expert teams can evaluate the appropriate level of treatment for your facility and usage. In technical terms the treatment is known as the restoration of resilient floor services and includes the stripping, preparation and coating of vinyl floors for healthcare facilities.

We only use specialised, non-hazardous chemicals manufactured by international experts to ensure your floors exceed required standards.

Comprehensive PVC floor treatment include

  • A high solid content that is highly resistant against mechanical impact
  • The treatment is free of metal ions and plasticisers
  • Its functionality is restorable with dry cleaning
  • Resistant against surface disinfecting agents
  • It isn’t soluble with wet stripping

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